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Real Estate Build & Sell Coaching Program


Do You Want Hands-On, Practical, Step-By-Step Training On How To Earn Millions Thru Real Estate?


“Learn to Earn Millions in Real Estate from a Lady Who Came from the Squatters Area and Who Is Now Building and Selling Properties”



Hi, my name is Maves Angeles.Yes, I lived in a squatters’ area or in legal term “illegal settlers.” We’ve lived in places beside creeks, with small pathways where only one or two people can pass, flood-prone areas where you always have to walk on chairs because there’s flood inside the house, a family of six living in less than 20 sqm room. For 20 years, we transferred houses more than 15 times.Then when I got married, my husband inherited a lot that we later used to build and sell properties.

At first, I was afraid to use the inherited lot of my husband for property development because we don’t have enough cash. I was also afraid of what other people would say especially that my mother-in-law passed away less than three years ago.

But our friends and family know that aside from the property that was left to my husband and brother-in-law, also came financial and emotional difficulties. We have to pay almost P1 million in taxes, half a million in medical bills, and another hundreds of thousands to pay illegal settlers, pursue court cases and pay debts. I was not moving nor suggesting for solutions because I was busy with my own business. Most of all, I was afraid of what other people might say as I take over the inherited lot.

Also, at that time, I was buying and selling properties… of OTHER people. Until one day it hit me: I am helping other people profit from their property while my husband and brother-in-law are having a hard time saving money from their salaries as employees to settle all their financial burdens.

With love and concern, I decided to help them and I was able to create a sound business plan that will maximize the property that was left to us. And it is building and selling townhouses.

To date we are slowly paying our obligations and my husband and brother-in-law are keeping their bond together as brothers in facing trials that they thought were insurmountable as mountains.

Now, I was thinking what if my husband learned to build and sell during the lifetime of his parents? They could have earned millions and enjoyed the profit as a family. But things just didn’t happen that way.

This is the reason why I want to speak to you.

I am not an architect or an engineer, but I was able to BUILD and SELL these townhouses successfully.

Do you want to experience great relationships with your parents during their lifetime or relatives through a Real Estate Business?

Do you want to start a Real Estate Build and Sell Business but are afraid because you’re not an architect or an engineer?

I’ve done it! And I can show you how.

I want to help you not only start your own build and sell business, but also for you to be able to help your parents or family members reap the harvest of their hardships.

Among all other people, the BEST person to help your family, especially your parents, is YOU because you love them and you will do your best to profit from the property.

But maybe right now, you are already looking for a lot or property investment outside your family—that’s fine, nothing wrong with that. You can still enroll in this program.

The main goal of my Build and Sell Apprentice Blueprint is to teach you to earn from the property that you already have. It is an actual walkthrough in building and selling townhouses.

Together with my team, we will pour out our hearts and minds to give you the best practices to successfully build and sell townhouses.

At the end of the program, you will be able to come up with your own blueprint.


You have to be an expert in your own chosen area.


I will be teaching you the following topics:

  1. How to meet your property by meeting your family, relatives and neighbors.
  2. How to create your own grand masterplan for the property of your choice.
  3. How to have a real estate vending machine system where you can do the business wherever you are.
  4. How to find and relate to your financing and construction partners.
  5. How to build your real estate empire, keeping a pipeline of projects.
  6. You will get the videos of the program and go back to it for review FOREVER!
  7. Special Bonus Course that you can use to finally build and sell your properties. Hint: when I say sell—it means selling the idea to rent your space…
  8. Join me in my real estate journey. Help me provide homes worth living in that will help your family earn millions in Real Estate!


Join Maves Angeles’
Coaching Program

Here is my MAVEN Course Outline, which you will take with me for 16 Weeks…M-eet Your Property, Meet Your Family

    • Advocacy: Key Steps to Creating Great Relationships through Real Estate and Identifying Your Real Deal
    • Introduction of the BUILD & SELL APPRENTICE BLUEPRINT Program
    • Exploring your family/relatives/neighbors’ real estate properties
    • Great finds criteria
    • Apprentice project visit and workshop

A-ctivate Your Creativity, Your Grand Masterplan

    • Market profiling
    • Real estate financial economics
    • Preparea plan that will maximizeproperty
    • Apprentice project visit and workshop

V-ending Machine Real Estate System

    • Financingpartners
    • Constructionpartners
    • Legal documentation
    • Real estate business positioning
    • Real estate selling techniques
    • Your own build & sell blue print
    • Apprentice project presentation

E-ngage Your Financing and Construction Partners

    • Building relationships with financing partners
    • Building Relationships with construction partners
    • Reporting and construction schedules

N-ext Projects, Expand Your Vision and Share Profits!

    • Project scheduling and prioritizing line-ups
    • Special bonus course!


How You Will Learn
(My Mode Of Teaching)


The program will last 16 weeks—and we’ll meet twice a month—with assignments in between.Remember: Teaching mode is experiential and practical.There will be classroom meetings and special sessions at the project site itself.

Mentors who will be sharing are experts in their respective fields and the ideas you’ll get from them can never be learned from professors who simply read books and don’t do the actual work on the ground.

You’ll also witness the actual building and selling of my Paranaque and Pateros Projects.  And you’ll also be brought to other site locations to learn more.


How Much Will This Cost?


Let me boast.  I realized that no one in the country is doing anything even remotely similar to my program. This is a very unique 16-Week highly practical, hands-on, “actual” and “live” coaching program on the nitty-gritty of Buy & Sell Real Estate work.In other countries, programs like this will cost you P220,000.00 And if I was after the money, that’s how much I’ll sell this course.But I’m not after the money. In truth, I can earn much more doing Real Estate deals than spending my time teaching others how to do it. Besides, why would I want to share my trade secrets to others?  (Think about it: I sweat blood and tears to learn what I know now.)

Answer: Because life finds a way to reward me. Deep down, I believe this is my mission, to mentor others.  Who knows?  By helping others, some of my students may become my partners for future projects.

So I’ve brought down the enrolment cost to an insane 20% of the price of my foreign counterparts:P59,000 ONLY or P8560 a month for 8 months for my entire “Buy & Sell Apprentice Blueprint” Coaching Program.  Yes, I still charge because I value my time and my expertise.  And this amount will act as a filter—I don’t want to waste my time with “tire-kickers” who won’t be committed to learn.  By charging this amount, I will get serious students only.  And I guarantee my students will get 10x the value of their learning investment.


You Need To Be Exceedingly Happy
Or I Return Your Money


Let me give another insane offer: If at the end of the course, you’re not happy with my program, then tell me.  I’ll return your money, no questions asked.Why do I give you this full 100% guarantee?  Because I’m totally confident that my coaching program can help you move towards your goal of earning through real estate.If you have any questions, please email me at maves@happyhomesmanila.com  And I’ll be happy to answer you.

May your reach your dreams.


Maves Angeles


PS. I can accept only a few students, and some slots have already been filled.  As of now, I can accept 18 students ONLY.  If you want to enter my program, email me right away atmaves@happyhomesmanila.combefore the door closes on you.


Coaching Program Rate: 59,920 or 8,560/month

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