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Buying Options

Financing Options and Requirements

Bank Financing
In-House Financing
PAG-IBIG Financing

Bank Financing

Standard Application Requirements

A. Documents:
1. Contract To Sell (9 Copies)
2. Deed of Reconveyance (7 Copies)
3. Deed of Absolute Sale (7 Copies)
4. Cocolife Insurance Form (2 Copies)
5. PNB Life Insurance Form (2 Copies)
6. CI Form (1 Copy)
7. Metrobank Application Form (MBTC Financing)
8. AXA Life Form (MBTC Financing) – 2 Copies
9. UCPB Application Form (UCPB Financing) – 1 Copy
10. SPA Form (MBTC/UCPB – 7 Copies) – 3 Copies Consularized
11. SPA Form – Profriends (7 Copies)
12. AIF Info Sheet – attached with 1 pc. ID Picture (1 Copy)
B. Requirements:
1. Counseling – PFI (Developer)
2. 1×1 Picture (3pcs)
  a. Buyer
  b. Spouse
  c. AIF
3. Photocopy of Valid ID’s
  a. Buyer
  b. Spouse
  c. AIF
4. Residence Certificate
  a. Buyer
  b. Spouse
  c. AIF
5. Tax Identification (TIN) – Buyer
6. Marriage Contract / Birth Certificate
7. Proof of Billing (Electric bill, water bill, phone bill, etc)
8. Job Contract or CEC (Original) – Consularized and needs e-mail add of the Company
9. Post Dated Checks
  a. Down Payment
  b. Guaranteed Check – if applicable

To be submitted if applicant is self employed.

1. Audited Financial Statements for the last 2 years
2. Two (2) years in-house Financial Statement and Interim Statement (when available)
3. ITR for the last 2 years
4. Photocopy of Bank Statements and Passbooks for the last 6 months
5. Certificate of Business Registration with SEC or DTI (if single proprietorship)
6. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (if applicable)
7. Business Background / Company Profile
8. Trade Suppliers / Customers (at least 3 for each with contact persons and telephone numbers)

In-House Financing

In House (Initial Requirements)

1. Latest proof of income.
2. 3pcs. recent 1 x 1 I.D. pictures
3. Marriage Contract, Birth Certificate, or Separation papers (if needed)
4. Community Tax Cert. No.
5. Complete post dated check for Equity and Amortization
6. TIN
Additional Requirements for OFW
1. Initial requirements
2. Job Contract
3. Passport
4. Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
5. Valid I.D. of Attorney in Fact
6. 1 pc. I.D. picture of Attorney in Fact
7. Residence Certificate of Attorney in Fact
1. Initial Requirements
2. Affidavit of Income
3. Business Name and Permit
4. Passbook with 3 months maintaining balance
5. ITR

PAG-IBIG Financing

Pag-Ibig Requirements/Documents Checklist

1. 3pcs. ID pictures (husband and wife)
2. Photocopy of valid ID (husband and wife)
3. Photocopy of Residence Certificate (cedula)
4. Certificate of Employment with Compensation
5. Tax Identification Number (TIN)
6. PDC’s for Downpayment
7. _______ PDC’s for Monthly Amortization
8. 1 Guaranteed Check
9. 9 checks for Real Property Tax if loan term is 10 years
10. 4 checks for Real Property Tax if loan term is 5 years
11. Proof of billing (PLDT, Meralco, others)
12. Income Tax Return
13. Birth Certificate
14. Marriage Contract
15. Photocopy of payslip – past 3 months
16. Pro-Friends Counseling Form
17. MSVS – Pag-Ibig
18. PDC’s (36 M.A. for Cedar & 44 M.A. for others)
19. 2 checks for Real Property Tax
Requirements for Locally Employed:
a. Proof of income for more than P750,000 loan amount
b. Certificate of employment with Compensation
c. Income Tax Return (ITR) / W2
d. 3 months payslip
Requirements for Self-Employed:
a. Proof of income for more than P750,000 loan amount
b. Business Permit
c. Audited Financial Statement
d. BIR Deposit Slip
e. ITR with BIR Stamp

Requirements for Pag-ibig Overseas Program (POP) / Overseas Filipino
a. Worker (OFW)
b. POP Record Book
c. Proof of income for more than P1,000,000 loan amount
d. Contract of Employment
e. Job Contract duly signed by POEA